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2012 Spring Fashion Trends


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2012 Spring Fashion Trend #1 - Pastels

Pastel solid colors mixed in a light spring fashion palette at the Ralph Lauren 2012 Spring Fashion Show.

Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images
Pretty pastel fashion will be on trend for spring 2012 with several designers showing looks for spring and summer in these pale hues. In addition to Ralph Lauren, who happens to be one of the few top American designers who offers a petites' line of clothing, other influential designers also featured pastel fashion for spring 2012, including Calvin Klein, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger and others.

To wear this look in a modern fashion, combine different colors in pastel separates as shown in the photos above from the Ralph Lauren spring runway fashion show. Look for colors such as pale yellow, blush pink, icy blue, or light lavender.

The upside for the spring/summer 2012 pastel trend is that it's both pretty and appropriate for the season, perhaps a bit reminiscent of the colors of Easter eggs. The downside for petites is that light colors tend to visually add bulk, and just a few extra pounds on a short woman can be more noticeable than it would be on a taller lady. Certainly it's a trend that could be skipped if it's not flattering, or for those who still want to wear pastels, but don't look their best in pastel clothing, it would be easy to add a touch of light color with pastel fashion accessories, such as a pastel handbag or jewelry in pastel hues.

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