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2012 Spring Fashion Trends


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2012 Spring Fashion Trend #6 - Roaring 20s

Fashion inspired by the 1920s ruled the runway at the Ralph Lauren 2012 Spring Fashion Show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, September 2011.

Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images
Just as Spring Fashion Trend #5 was inspired by design that was popular in the 1920s, other 1920s design ideas cropped up on fashion show runways for spring 2012. They included short dresses in the flapper style; that is, sleeveless shifts, often with fringe or beading, just as was popular during the 1920s. At Ralph Lauren many models wore cloche hats. During the 1920s the cloche was the most popular hat style in a time when women seldom left home without wearing a hat for day or a hair decoration for evening. Lounging pajamas in luxurious fabrics also date from the 1920s and were strictly for at-home wear then, but reinvented pajamas of spring 2012, such as were shown by The Row, are no longer meant for at-home wear.

1920s fashion flair isn't for everyone. The shift dress can be quite unflattering to women who have full figures, and shapely styles will look better on such petite women. The cloche hat, which covered the short marcel hair styles that were popular during the 1920s, can be workable for most women, although very few women wear hats at all. As for the loose pajamas, their 1920s' stay-at-home style probably makes more sense than wearing them outside of the home.

Skip this trend if it doesn't speak to you, and if the 1920s-inspired clothing isn't flattering but you like the style, opt for some 1920s-inspired jewelry or a 1920s-inspired metal mesh evening bag.

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