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2012 Fall Fashion Trends


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2012 Fall Fashion Trend #1 - Rich, Wine Colors
2012 Fall Fashion Trends

Wine colors are "in" for Fall/Winter 2012/2013.

Photo Credits: Left & center, Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images; right, Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
Fall/Winter fashion in Rich, Wine Colors
All the rich colors of wine decorate the fall 2012 landscape. Deep hues that take their names from red wine--burgundy, bordeaux, chianti--as well as the even darker oxblood shade (a color name most commonly associated with leather upholstered furniture and most definitely not with wine) all work equally well for fall 2012, not only for garments but also for fashion accessories. Among the designers who have embraced wine colors for fall are Tommy Hilfiger (leather ensemble pictured at left), Donna Karan (dress pictured at center), and Rodarte (dress pictured at right).

Rich, Wine Colors - Yes, No, or Maybe for Petites?
Yes, go for it. I love these colors, one reason being that I can wear them. For petite women who look good in wine colors, wearing these rich hues can be a good way to wear a monochromatic ensemble, which makes short women look thinner and taller, without having to wear black. Matching shoes, tights, and dress will make a wine colored palette zing for petites.

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