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Tadashi Shoji - Fashion for Fall 2013


Tadashi Shoji - Fashion for Fall 2013

Models walk the runway at the Tadashi Shoji Runway Fashion Show for Fall 2013

All: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Tadashi Shoji, a designer best known for his figure-flattering evening wear and cocktail dresses, presented a fall 2013 runway show that featured loads of lace in a mostly neutral color palette featuring black, cream, gray, and brown with a few pops of color -- brick red and cobalt blue.

In addition to lace fabrications, there were paisley designs, cut velvet and chiffon fabric, and beaded insets on some dresses. A few of the gowns were cinched with leather belts.

As far as skirt lengths go, they ranged from above-the-knee lengths to floor lengths with below-the-knee and tea-lengths in between although long gowns were featured most prominently.

Fall 2014 is the first time we've seen any Tadashi Shoji dresses that are sized especially for petites. At this time, the Tadashi Shoji ready-to-wear petites' line is only available at Nordstrom (Buy Direct). Sizes for the petites' dresses range from 2P - 16P although every style for petites may not be available in all sizes. Just as in the runway collection for fall 2013, lace is featured prominently in the Tadashi Shoji ready-to-wear dresses.

Pictured above: at left, a cobalt blue cocktail dress with a black lace overlay; at center, a long gray, black, and cream gown featuring a capelet and mermaid skirt; at right, a brick red long chiffon gown featuring a beaded black lace inset that forms a V at the neckline.

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