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Review of Orthaheel Sandals

Orthaheel Sandals - Style and Comfort for Summer

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Blue sandals

Image Courtesy of Orthaheel
Anyone who has ever experienced foot pain but dislikes wearing ugly "comfort" shoes will be pleasantly surprised to find that summer sandals are available that combine the benefits of orthotics with fashionable summer style. After having experienced some heel and knee pain, I put myself in that category because much of the footwear that is supposed to be comfortable just does not look very good at all, and I certainly don't want to wear ugly shoes. I tried Orthaheel sandals (the Lola style in white, which is decorated with gold and silver metal rings), and I'm happy with both the comfort level and the cute factor.

The Theory Behind Orthaheel

Orthaheel shoes, including sandals, are designed to give natural relief for many different types of foot, leg, and even back pain. The theory behind this approach is that "our feet were designed to walk on soft, natural surfaces," and, of course, that's not happening in today's fast-paced world where most of us spend a great deal of time standing or walking on hard surfaces, which "force our feet to roll over," resulting in flatter arches and mis-alignment of feet and legs. Wearing the orthoheel can relieve pain without medication by controlling the roll-over effect and aligning the feet properly. (Of course, if pain is caused by injury, you should seek medical treatment.)

Benefits of Orthaheel Sandals

All of the Orthaheel sandals can help reduce the following types of pain:
  • ball of foot pain
  • bunions
  • flat feet/arch pain
  • heel pain
  • leg aches
  • shin pain
  • knee pain
  • back pain
In addition to pain relief, Orthaheel sandals come in several fashionable styles. For me, this is a top reason for wearing Orthaheel sandals: they look like regular cute summer sandals. Others can't tell by looking at them that Orthaheel sandals are made with orthotic support. Another benefit of Orthaheel sandals is that there's a 30-day, money-back guarantee from the manufacturer, so it's really difficult to go wrong.

In addition, petites, who often need small shoes for their petite feet, it's good to know that Orthaheel sandals are available in size 5.

I give these summer sandals a big thumbs up!

Drawbacks of Orthaheel Sandals

There are a couple of factors that could possibly be drawbacks of Orthaheel sandals although I didn't have a problem with either one of them.

The first is that the sandals just come in medium width (common for sandals) and whole sizes. I usually wear a size 6.5 shoe, but I found that size 6 in the Orthaheel sandals fit just fine.

The second possible problem is that the manufacturer recommends only wearing the Orthaheel sandals for a few hours at first so that your feet can adjust to them. According to the manufacturer, you should find them "completely comfortable and supportive" within a week or two. Again, I had no problem. Getting used to the sandals was easy, and I found them comfortable almost immediately. The first time I wore them was on a short trip, and I wore them all day.

Where to Purchase Orthaheel Sandals

In addition to Orthaheel, the manufacturer of Orthaheel sandals (Manufacturer's Site), you can find Orthaheel sandals online at the following retailers:
  • Zappos (Buy Direct)- Note that Zappos offers free shipping and free return shipping for online purchases in the United States.
  • FootSmart (Vendor's Site)
In addition to the online sites listed, many local retailers carry Orthaheel sandals. You can find retailers in your area that carry Orthaheel shoes by putting your zip code in the Orthaheel Store Locator (Store Locator at Manufacturer's Site).
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