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Michael Kors Spring 2013 Fashion Show Highlights


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Michael Kors Spring 2013 Fashion Show Highlights

Bright, primary colors at the Michael Kors Spring Fashion Show for 2013

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Michael Kors featured bright primary colors in many of the ensembles he presented at his fashion show for spring 2013 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. The spring 2013 collection from Michael Kors certainly seems to capture the spirit of the spring and summer seasons much better than his spring 2012 collection, which seemed more suited to fall. There's an appropriately sunny radiating from the fashion from Michael Kors for spring 2013, and the bright, primary yellow suit pictured above at right reflects that feeling.

The models were styled with their long hair drawn back, not in pony tails, but flowing freely down their backs, sunglasses to match their ensembles, and high-heeled pumps with pointed toes and thin ankle straps (the high heels with pointed toes are great for petites; the ankle straps, not so much). The models carried ladylike, medium-sized top-handled handbags.

In addition to clothing for warm weather, such as the sleeveless red dress pictured in the center above, Michael Kors also featured several spring coats in the collection, one of which is pictured at right above. According to Michael Kors, women want to wear spring clothing early in the spring, but the weather is still quite cool in most of the United States then, so he presented several spring coats in the collection.

A geometric 1960s inspiration influenced many of the garments in the collection, some of which featured color-blocking, shift styling, and top-handled bags, all popular during the 1960s. At center above, we see some of the geometric influence with the shape of the belt buckle.

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