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Accessories are just the ticket to enhance petite fashion style. Find out how to accessorize with shoes, purses, jewelry, belts, scarves, eyewear, hats, and gloves.
  1. Reviews of Fashion Accessories (3)

Top Accessories' Styles for Short Women
Top fashion accessories' styles for short women

Black and White Handbags for Spring and Summer 2014
Stylish black and white handbags for spring and summer 2014

Skinny Belts for Spring 2014
Fashionable skinny belts for spring and summer 2014

Platform Shoes for Short Women
Features petite women should embrace or avoid when selecting platform shoes

Horse-Inspired Fashion Accessories for 2014
10 stylish fashion accessories to celebrate the year of the horse in 2014 or to celebrate your love of horses at any time

Heart Jewelry
Jewelry with heart motifs -- earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings

Evening Bags for Winter 2013/2014
Stylish evening bags for winter 2013/2014

Knee-High Boots for Fall 2013 and Winter 2013/2014
Flattering Knee-High Boots for Fall 2013 and Winter 2013/2014

Handbags for Fall 2013
Trendy handbags for fall 2013

Pointed-Toe Shoes for Fall 2013
Pointed-Toe Shoes in Every Heel Height for Fall 2013

Floral Fashion Accessories for Spring/Summer 2013
Trendy floral fashion accessories for spring and summer, 2013

How to Wear Fashionable Hats in a Petite-Friendly Way
Fashionable hat styles that petites can wear

Jewelry for Petites
Jewelry for short women

Pendant Necklaces for Spring/Summer 2013
Latest pendant necklaces for spring and summer 2013.

Stretch Bracelets for Petites
One of the top jewelry styles for the petite woman is the stretch bracelet.

Leather Handbags for Fall and Winter 2012
Stylish leather handbags for fall and winter 2012/2013

Black Handbags
Handbags in go-to, neutral black

Holiday Jewelry
Jewelry styles for the winter holidays

Handbag Trends for Fall/Winter 2012/2013
Fall/winter handbag trends for 2012/2013

Winter Boots for Petites
Sometimes we short women need a practical boot for winter weather. Here's a list of top picks of winter boots.

Knee-High Boots for Fall 2011
Knee-high boots for fall 2011

Pointed-Toe Flats for Fall 2011
Pointed-toe flats for fall 2011

How to Wear a Hat
How to wear a hat for short women

Stud Earrings
Stylish stud earrings

How Not to Wear a Scarf for Petites
How not to wear a scarf for petites

How to Wear a Scarf for Short Women
How to wear a scarf for short women

Women's Fashion Accessories
Trendy women's fashion accessories

Top Shoe Styles for Short Women
So many shoes - so many choices! Short women can enhance their appearance by selecting flattering shoes. Here are five shoe styles that work well for petites.

Black Shoes
Black shoes are always in style, and they're especially good for petites in sleek styles that make short women look taller.

Sandals Under $50
Sleek summer sandals under $50

Metallic Handbags
Trendy metallic handbags under $50

Evening Clutches
It's easy for petites to accessorize a special occasion outfit with a special evening clutch. If you're a short woman, avoid clutches that are extremely elongated and oversized and opt for a clutch of small to medium size.

Top Styles of Earrings for Short Women
Some earring styles flatter short women more than others. Find out which styles work the best for petite women.

Celebrity High Heels
Photo gallery of closeups of celebrity high heels.

Necklace Styles for Petites
Learn which necklace styles flatter petite women.

Stilettos are one of the most flattering shoe styles for short women. Although stilettos may not be every woman's cup of tea, wearing stilettos can make short women look longer and leaner.

Animal Print Jewelry
Trendy animal print jewelry

Gladiator Sandals Don't Flatter Short Women
Gladiator sandals don't flatter short women, so petites should avoid wearing them.

Best Shoe Style
Best shoe style for short women

Small Shoes
10 online sources for women who need small shoes for petite feet

Top Cute Watches
Watches aren't just for telling time anymore. They're jewelry and fashion statements too. Have some fashion fun with the season's top cute watches.

Short Women Can Wear Ballet Flats
Short women don't always have to wear high heels in an attempt to look taller. They can wear ballet flats, too.

How to Accessorize an Outfit
Find some tips about how to accessorize an outfit.

How to Accessorize a Special Occasion Dress
See some quick tips about how to accessorize a special occasion dress.

Tips on How to Accessorize a Tank Top
Learn ten ways to accessorize a tank top.

How to Choose a Necklace
About.com's Jewelry/Accessories Guide Carly Wickell explains how to choose a necklace.

How to Accessorize With Scarves
Do you have a fabulous designer scarf but aren't sure what to do with it? Here are some tips for accessorizing with scarves.

Favorite Evening Bags
Favorite evening bags of readers

Christian Siriano Fall 2010
Payless at Christian Siriano Shoe Fashion Show for Fall 2010

Floral Shoes
Trendy floral shoes

Neutral Pumps
Neutral pumps in skin-tone colors

Pearl Jewelry
Stylish pearl jewelry

Ankle Boots
Ankle boots for short women

Handbags for Short Women
Handbags for short women

Pearl Jewelry for Winter 2011/2012
Pearl jewelry for winter 2011/2012

How to Make an Easy and Unique Pendant Necklace
Make your own pendant necklace in less than a minute.

Animal Jewelry for Women
Whether you love dogs, cats, horses, or some other animal, you can find jewelry with animal designs.

Tights for Petites
Tips about tights for petite women

Hat Styles Short Women Should Avoid
7 hat styles petites should avoid

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