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Short Women Can Wear Ballet Flats


Short Women Can Wear Ballet Flats

Dolce & Gabbana Animal Print Ballet Flats With Bows

Photo Credit: Paula Darnell
Can petites wear flats? Yes! If you're a short woman and you’ve been avoiding flats because you think that they won’t look good on you or that you have to wear high heels all the time in an effort to look taller, think again.

Of course, if you wear flats, you can’t get the instant lift of several inches that you can when you wear high heels. But your feet may thank you. There are times when comfort is the primary concern, and frequently flats will fit the bill for those times. So try giving your feet a break once in a while by selecting flats.

Are you concerned that you can’t find good-looking flats? Don't be! There are thousands of choices out there. Flats are stylish, and shoe designers have provided plenty of choices for spring and summer.

So how should you wear flats? Try wearing ballet flats with a short pencil skirt or jeans with straight legs. Pair flats with leggings for your own take on ballet dancer chic. Wear flats for summer with a boho, long, flowing dress. Keeping the vertical line of the dress extended almost to the floor will help make you look longer and leaner. Toy with an alternative toe style, rather than the rounded ballet toe, to put your best foot forward. Pointed toes will help to elongate and tend to make you look a bit taller.

When it comes to ballet flats, there’s a perfect pair out there just for you. There are great designer ballet flats in all price ranges.

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  • Chinese Laundry ballet flats Compare Prices
  • Christian Louboutin ballet flats Compare Prices

With so many choices, you’re sure to find flats that fit your individual style.

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