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Neutral Pumps

Neutral Pumps in Skin-Tone Colors


To give the illusion of a longer leg, try neutral pumps in skin-tone colors. If you match your shoes as closely as possible to your skin tone, there's no abrupt ending to the leg, and so you can look taller and also slimmer. An added plus:  neutral colors go with anything, so you don't have to worry about whether or not your shoes will go with your clothing. As far as the style goes, sleeker styling works better for petite women.

1. Neutral Pumps - Tan High Heels

Image Courtesy of Piperlime

From Kelsi Dagger, these neutral platforms have a 4 3/4" heel height, with a 1" platform, and slim stiletto heel. For petite women who also have petite feet, these high heels come in size 5.5 as well as larger sizes.

2. Neutral Pumps - Light Metallic Peep-Toe Pumps

Image Courtesy of Nordstrom

Fun mixture of  silver and gold makes these metallic peep-toe pumps a great choice for special occasion dressing. These light neutral pumps come sizes 4, 4.5, 5, and 5.5 as well as larger sizes, so they're perfect for the tiny petite woman.

3. Neutral Pumps - D'Orsay Styled Pumps

d'orsay pump
Image Courtesy of Zappos

D'Orsay styling gives these neutral suede pumps an open feel that's nice for spring and summer. Other flattering features include a peep toe and slim 3" high heel.

4. Neutral Pumps - Bronze Strappy Sandals

Image Courtesy of Piperlime

Bronze strappy sandals give a metallic tweak to brown for petite women who have a dark skin tone. These pumps have a heel height of 4", and they come in sizes as small as women's size 5.5.

5. Neutral Pumps - Taupe Pumps

Image Courtesy of Zappos

Taupe pumps feature a 1 1/2" kitten heel, so they could be worn for work more comfortably than a shoe with a higher heel. These pumps feature sleek styling with smooth leather uppers and pointed toes.

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