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Petites frequently need alterations to make clothing fit better. Learn about where to look for alterations' professionals or how to alter your own clothing.

Clothing Alterations to Avoid
Know which clothing alterations to avoid

Clothing Alterations Often Needed by Short Women
Clothing alterations often needed by short women

Where to Get Clothing Alterations
Where to get clothing alterations

The Importance of Alterations
Cibeline Sariano for About.com explains the importance of alterations.

How to Hem Pants
If you're a petite woman who sews and enjoys DIY projects, learning how to hem your own pants will come in handy.

Prices for Common Clothing Alterations
Here's a list of prices for some common clothing alterations from Real Simple. Prices will vary locally, so think of this list as just a reference point.

Alterations and Repairs for Knits
Knit Alteration & Design in Shelton, Washington, specializes in alterations and repairs for knit garments.

Leather Jacket Alterations
Can't find anyone locally who can alter your leather jacket? You can send it to Without a Trace to be altered.

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