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Elizabeth Taylor


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Elizabeth Taylor and Her Perfume

Young Elizabeth Taylor liked perfume and eventually her love of fragrance led to her own line of perfumes.

Photo Credits: Hulton Archive/Getty Images; Elizabeth Taylor perfumes: PriceGrabber
Here a very young Elizabeth Taylor is shown in her dressing room dabbing on some perfume. Because of the little model horse on the dressing table, I'm guessing that this photograph was taken during the shooting of National Velvet.

Wearing a lovely fragrance was as much a part of her beauty regimen as putting on her make-up. Although she was not only a movie star, but a recognized serious actress who won two Academy Awards as Best Actress, much of her fortune came from her very successful fragrance business. With her eponymous perfumes, Elizabeth Taylor made quite a splash in the world of beauty and fashion. Her perfumes continue to be enormously popular, so much so that in 2011, her estate earned $75 million from her perfume empire, with White Diamonds being the most popular Elizabeth Taylor perfume.

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