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Elizabeth Taylor


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Elizabeth Taylor's 1960s' Styles

A dress and a pants set from Elizabeth Taylor's 1960s wardrobe feature Pucci prints.

Steven Vlasic/Getty Images
Pucci prints and mini-dresses were all the rage during the 1960s. Part of "The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor," this clothing was sold at auction by Christie's in 2011 after Elizabeth Taylor's death. The auction included Elizabeth Taylor's fashion, jewelry, decorative arts, and movie memorabilia and included a remarkable 1778 lots, all of which were sold, according to Christie's, for a grand total of $156,756,576, making the Elizabeth Taylor Collection "set a world record for the most valuable sale of jewelry in auction history, and set a new bar for the most valuable collection of fashion ever offered at auction."

The unprecedented level of interest in Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry, fashion, and memorabilia indicates that the famous Hollywood film star still generated a great deal of interest from fans all over the world, and Christie's noted that bidders from 36 different countries participated in the auction.

Clothing in the auction included fabulous gowns from famous fashion designers -- Chanel, Yves St. Laurent, Valentino, Versace, and Dior among others.

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