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Nancy Reagan's Fashion Style


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Nancy Reagan's Fashion Style at Her Wedding

Nsncy and Ronald Reagan at their wedding with Bill and Ardis Holden on March 4, 1952

Photo Credit: Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Although Nancy Davis had a career as an actress in Hollywood before she met Ronald Reagan, the future First Lady became even more well known as Nancy Reagan after her marriage to the popular movie star. Nancy Davis and Ronald Reagan married on March 4, 1952, in a small ceremony. In her book My Turn: The Memoirs of Nancy Reagan, Mrs. Reagan wrote that she "would have preferred a bigger one," but Ronald Reagan "thought a private ceremony was more appropriate."

Because the wedding was simple, Nancy Reagan chose to wear a suit, rather than an elaborate wedding gown. She described her ensemble as "a gray wool suit with a white collar and a small flowered hat with a veil." Both petite at 5'4" and tiny, Nancy Reagan noted in her book that 36 years later in 1988 the suit still fit her.

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