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Queen Elizabeth's Fashion


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Queen Elizabeth in Girl Guide Uniform in 1942
Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth II) wears her girl guide uniform - Windsor, England. April 11, 1942.
Studio Lisa/Getty Images
World War II was raging when Princess Elizabeth, later to become Queen of England, posed in her Girl Guide uniform. She was 16 years old at the time and already initiated into the duties of royalty. Her Girl Guide uniform wasn't the only uniform Princess Elizabeth put on during the war years. Later as a volunteer in the war effort, she wore the uniform of the Auxiliary Territorial Service, where she trained to be a driver.

Official garb, such as the uniform pictured here, is one of the four types of clothing that Queen Elizabeth wears most frequently in public. Queen Elizabeth's public life, then as well as now, calls for official regalia, formal attire, day ensembles, or country clothing.

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