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Michelle Obama's Accessible Fashion Style Strategies


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Michelle Obama's Accessible Fashion Style Strategy #5 - Wear a Cardigan Sweater
Michelle Obama wax figure

First Lady Michelle Obama's fashion style is so closely associated with cardigans that her wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Washington, DC is dressed in a cardigan sweater.

Kris Connor/Getty Images
Michelle Obama's accessible fashion style strategy #5 is to wear a cardigan sweater or have one on hand in case she needs it. Michelle Obama's extensive cardigan sweater wardrobe ranges from styles that are beaded, preppy, and plain, so the First Lady can dress up or dress down, depending on the cardigan style. She can go sleeveless and then cover up, depending on the occasion and the weather.

Women who adopt Michelle Obama's fashion style strategy of toting along a cardigan will find that it's a very practical fashion solution, both at work and at play. I always bring along a cardigan when I'm dining out in the summer because even when it's 110 degrees outside, sometimes restaurants will be quite chilly.

Cardigans work well in a business/casual work environment too because you can wear a sleeveless dress and throw on the cardigan for a meeting or to greet clients and customers.

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