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Fashion Styles of Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama


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Michelle Obama's Signature Style
Michelle Obama in Striped Dress

Michelle Obama at a luncheon in Washington, June 20, 2008

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Michelle Obama's signature style is reflected in this white and gray striped ensemble with bold horizontal stripes. accented with a purple feather brooch--it's strong and bold. Although she sometimes wears more conservative attire, she looks best when she chooses bold colors and strong contrasts. Michelle Obama is bigger and taller than Cindy McCain, and so she's able to wear horizontal stripes. (Note to petites: don't go there!)

At 44, with two young daughters, Michelle Obama has developed a more casual style than 54-year-old Cindy McCain, whose children are older. Although Michelle Obama's style has been likened to Jackie Kennedy's, they really aren't similar. Perhaps the basis of comparison lies in the fact that many women imitated Jackie Kennedy's style, and now many women seek to imitate Michelle Obama's fashions.

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