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Michelle Obama Fashion

Michelle Obama's Fashion Style


I suspect that it isn't easy being First Lady Michelle Obama when the entire fashion universe watches her every move, commenting on her style, but Michelle Obama seems to be taking her First Lady of fashion status in stride.

1. Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain in Fashion Smackdown

As both Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain worked hard, each in her own way to help her husband in his presidential election campaign in 2008, both women were subjected to intense scrutiny by the media, not so much for their political views as for their fashion styles. I have to admit that I watched them both with an eye to fashion also, and I liked both of their styles.

Surprisingly, both Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain showed some style traits in common during the campaign, such as their penchant for pearls. However, it was Michelle Obama, a woman in the national spotlight for the first time in her life, who captured the fashion imagination of American women and won the hearts of the fashion press.

2. Michelle Obama's Accessible Fashion Style

Michelle Obama in flat shoes
Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Perhaps one reason that American women seem so taken with Michelle Obama's fashion style is that it's accessible. It doesn't take a ton of money, fame, or power to put together many of the looks that the First Lady favors.

3. Michelle Obama's Fashion Personality

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Another factor in the popularity of Michelle Obama's fashion is her multi-faced fashion personality. There's a side of her fashion personality that every woman can relate to, whether it's classic, romantic, trendy, or casual. Michelle Obama's fashion reflects both her own style and an awareness of what's appropriate for the many different public appearances that she makes as First Lady.

4. How Petites Can Dress Like Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama in Inaugural Gown
Mark Wilson/Getty Images
Maybe it seems strange that a short woman might be able to wear some of the same types of garments as 5'11" Michelle Obama wears. But the fact is that many of her fashion looks can be worn successfully by women who are much shorter than she. I like that she doesn't avoid high heels just because she's tall. Sometimes we petites tend to think that high heels work better for short women, and they're certainly a fashion staple for us, but a tall woman wearing high heels exudes a particular air of confidence in herself and her own fashion style.
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