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Petite Dresses

Stylish Petite Dresses for All Occasions


Petite dresses can be just as casual as jeans, work-ready to go to the office, or party-perfect for a special occasion. If you don't own a dress, consider adding a stylish dress to your wardrobe to expand your clothing options.

1. Petite Dresses for Day

Image Courtesy of Coldwater Creek
Petite dresses for day can really become wardrobe staples. It's just as easy to slip on a day dress as it is to wear jeans, capris, or shorts, but we've become so used to the idea that casual wear means wearing pants of some sort that we seldom think of a dress for weekend daytime wear. Day dresses are also versatile enough to wear to the office, so if you tote along a cardigan or a jacket, you can wear a day dress to work too because it's a suitable business/casual look.

2. Petite Dresses for Special Occasions

Image Courtesy of Macy's
Petite dresses for special occasions can be long or short, but it seems easier to get around wearing a short dress than a long one, so short petite dresses for special occasions work quite well for weddings and parties where you may be dancing or circulating around the room. When wearing petite dresses for special occasions, it's appropriate to bare more skin than you would for work, but it's always a good idea not to show so much skin that you're uncomfortable. Wearing petite dresses is a great way for women to express their fashion personalities for any special occasion.

3. Little Black Petite Dresses

Image Courtesy of Gap
Of all the petite dresses, little black dresses for petites are the most versatile. You can go from day into evening with just a change of shoes, jewelry, or wrap. Black is good for petites because we'll look a bit taller and more slender when wearing black, and petite little black dresses can easily be incorporated into a monochromatic dressing scheme.
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