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Dress for Less

No need to pay break the bank for your wardrobe when you can find great deals on designer clothes or buy the designer look for less. Find out where, when, and how to shop for fashion bargains.
  1. Splurge or Steal (7)

Splurge or Steal for September 2013 - Purple Cardigan for Petites
Splurge on or steal a purple cardigan for petites for September 2013.

Splurge or Steal for August 2013 - Black Pencil Skirt
Splurge on or steal a black pencil skirt for August 2013.

Splurge or Steal for May 2013 - Open Heart Pendant Necklace
Splurge on or steal an open heart pendant necklace for May 2013.

March 2013's Splurge or Steal - Green Pumps
Splurge on or steal green pumps for March 2013.

Low-Cost Petite Jeans
Dress for less with petite jeans that cost under $30.

February 2013's Splurge or Steal - Black Legging Jeans
Black legging jeans - Splurge or Steal for February 2013

January 2013's Splurge or Steal - Two-Button Jacket
Black Two-Button Jacket - Splurge or Steal for January 2013

Deals on Petite Fashion
Strategies for finding deals on fashion

Deal Your Way to a Bargain
If you're looking for a good deal on clothing or fashion accessories, you may be able to negotiate a bargain.

Thrift Store Shopping for Petites
Strategies for petites to find fashion bargains by shopping in thrift stores.

Petite Clothing Sales
Looking for bargains on petite clothing? One of the best ways to find bargains is to shop online petite clothing sales at major retailers.

5 Online Shopping Offers to Avoid
With the price of gas and food skyrocketing, we're all looking for ways to save money. So when we see an online shopping promotion that looks like a bargain, we're tempted to buy. Here are 5 online shopping offers to avoid because, although you'll think you're saving money, you'll actually spend more money.

Top 5 Sites for Petite Fashion Shopping on a Budget
Shopping for fashion on a budget? Here are some options for lower priced petite clothing from online retailers that offer a significant number of garments sized for short women.

Get This Designer Look for Less
Find out how to get this Ralph Lauren designer look for less. Make a romantic statement for spring or summer in a romantic floral gown styled for the short petite woman.

How to Look for Fashion Bargains
Hunt for fashion bargains, and you'll never have to pay full price again.

7 Secrets of Highly Successful Shoppers
Learn the secrets of shopping success revealed by Cynthia Nellis, About.com's Fashion Guide.

Best Places to Shop for Cheap Shoes
Find out the best places to shop for low cost shoes.

Coupons and Deals on Fashion Accessories
Find coupons and deals on fashion accessories.

Monthly Splurge or Steal Deals
Here are the splurge-or-steal deals by the month.

Splurge or Steal for July 2013 - White Lace Cover-Up
Splurge on or steal a white lace cover-up for July 2013.

Splurge or Steal for June 2013 - Flip Flops for Summer
Splurge on or steal summer flip flops for June 2013.

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