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January 2013's Splurge or Steal - Two-Button Jacket


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Two-Button Blazer - Splurge or Steal for January 2013

A dark two-button blazer is our splurge or steal deal for January 2013

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Two-Button Blazer - Splurge or Steal for January 2013

Here's a basic garment that will really be useful to the petite woman. A classic, tailored jacket in a dark color, which is great for creating an elongating and slimming monochromatic look. This type of jacket can be worn both with casual clothing and business attire, making such a blazer a versatile wardrobe basic.

How to Wear a Dark Two-Button Blazer for Petites

  • Wear a dark two-button jacket with jeans.
  • Take a dark two-button blazer to the office where you can wear it with a dress, pants, or skirt to create a more businesslike appearance.
  • Choose a dark two-button jacket that fits across the bust because if it's too small there, it can't be altered.
  • Select a dark two-button jacket that is made of smooth, rather than bulky, fabric.
  • Select a dark two-button blazer that is single-breasted, rather than double-breasted, for the sleekest appearance.
Which dark two-button blazer is the Splurge and which black two-button blazer is the Steal?

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