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Marc Jacobs Features Polka Dots for Fall 2011


Marc Jacobs Features Polka Dots for Fall 2011

Polka dots were in style at both the Marc by Marc Jacobs and the Marc Jacobs Fall Collections for 2011.

Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images; Brown Dress - Jemal Countess/Getty Images
Although there were lots of fall colors on the runway at the Marc by Marc Jacobs 2011 Fall Fashion Show, and the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show featured everything from luxurious lace to pencil skirts in faux crocodile, what I thought was most interesting was Marc Jacobs' way with vintage-inspired polka dots.

Most of the time, polka dots are a phenomenon of spring and summer, so it's unusual for a designer to feature polka dots in a fall fashion collection, but that's exactly what Marc Jacobs has done for fall 2011.

Polka dots have many fashion associations. We think of polka dots as youthful, fun, and somewhat whimsical with a definite vintage vibe. Marc Jacobs has added his own modern twist on polka-dot style by showing black-and-white polka dots for the cooler fall season, even though black and white has traditionally been a spring or summer color combination.

The brown dress shown above features a polka-dot look although the multi-colored "dots" aren't exactly round, and he also mixes it up with head-to-toe polka dots in black and blue and black and white. Finally, we see plaid combined with polka dots in a dress with a 1940s-inspired silhouette.

Petite women may prefer fewer dots and shorter skirts, but polka dots definitely have a place in the fall wardrobe this year.

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