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Winter Fashion Trends

How Petites Can Wear Winter Fashion Trends for 2008/2009


Should petites love or leave the latest fall fashion trends? See how petites can interpret fall fashions so that they'll look great.

1. Little Black Dress

Mark Mainz/Getty Images
Little black dresses were all over the runway at designers' fashion week shows for fall/winter 2008/2009. This is a good year for the little black dress. You'll find many styles in little black dresses in stores now and in the coming months. A fashion classic, a little black dress should be in every woman's wardrobe because it's so versatile. Look for a little black dress that suits your figure type.

See little black dresses for petites.

Pictured: black dress from Michael Kors' fall 2008 collection

2. Florals

Mark Mainz/Getty Images
This season florals appear on dresses, tops, and skirts. Most of the floral print designs for fall will feature the fall fashion color palette in both bold colors and more muted gray and blue hues.

Pictured: floral print dress from Michael Kors' fall 2008 collection

3. Ruffles

Runway model in Oscar de la Renta fall 2008 collection
Scott Wintrow/Getty Images
Designers did ruffles this season, and you can find them cascading on blouses and sometimes on dresses. Petites can wear this trend but need to be a bit careful with it, or they can appear too childlike. Another effect to watch out for is the over-the-top ruffled appearance. Keep the ruffles simple; for example, one ruffle rather than rows of ruffles.

Pictured: ruffled blouse from Oscar de la Renta's fall 2008 collection

4. Lace

Scott Wintrow/Getty Images
For elegant evenings or parties, lace appeared in many designer collections and will be a good choice for holiday dressing. Avoid huge lace motifs and select designs that are proportional to your petite frame in order to wear this trend most successfully.

Pictured: lace dress from Oscar de la Renta's fall 2008 collection

5. Plaid

Fernanda Calfat
Plaid consistently scores points as a fall favorite. It smacks of the schoolgirl look though, which petites will most likely want to avoid. But you can wear plaid.

If you have a rectangle shaped figure, avoid the plaids that are boxy and go straight across you horizontally. Instead, opt for a smaller plaid cut on the bias so that the lines of plaid design go diagonally across the body. Or if you like plaid, but don't want to wear plaid garments, select solid colored clothing with plaid piping or wear plaid accessories.

Pictured: plaid jacket from Ralph Lauren's fall 2008 collection

6. Handbags with Outside Pockets

Image Courtesy of eBags
You'll see many styles in purses this season with pockets on the outside of the purse. To wear this look best, select a handbag that's medium size, not too huge, so that you don't overwhelm your small frame. This trend is practical too because you don't have to open the handbag itself to reach a small item that you like to keep accessible, such as a cell phone.

Pictured: Luce Metallic Leather Pocket Short Shoulder Bag (Buy Direct) from eBags.com

7. Animal Print Jewelry

Image Courtesy of Payless
Animal print clothing has been a favorite for years, and we see animal prints frequently on shoes, purses, and hair accessories. Now look for this trend to appear on jewelry designs too. You'll see animal print jewelry - bangles, pendants, statement necklaces, watches, cuffs, bracelets, rings, and earrings - and they're available at every price point, so this is a fun trend that won't cost a lot of money to add to your jewelry collection.

Pictured: Animal Print Earrings (Buy Direct) from Payless

8. Booties

Image Courtesy of Nordstrom
Here's a popular fall shoe trend that stylish petites will be tempted to try. It's a lot of shoe though for someone who has short legs as petites do, so the best way to wear booties, if you must, is with pants. That way your legs won't look shorter as they would if you wear booties with a skirt or dress. There are some shoe styles that look great on petites. Unfortunately for shoe lovers, this is not one of them.

Pictured: True Religion Brand Jeans 'Matilda' Bootie (Buy Direct) from Nordstrom

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