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How to Dress in Western Fashion Style


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Dressing in Western Fashion Style in Jeans

Jeans are a key element in dressing in Western style.

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Wear Jeans for Western Style
Jeans originated in the American West when Levi Strauss first made denim pants for California gold prospectors, and they've been associated with Western dressing ever since. Although designers have jumped on the jeans' bandwagon relatively recently with premium denim in the last couple decades, cowboys and cowgirls have been living and riding in Western jeans for over a hundred years.

Since jeans are on the must-have list of garments for Western style dressing, it's important to find jeans that fit well and flatter your figure. Short women, who need a shorter-than-average inseam length usually need petite jeans or regular jeans that are specifically "short" in length although sometimes a capri or ankle length in regular jeans will work. When petites chose regular jeans, they'll need to have alterations to hem the jeans.

Jeans Shopping for Petites
Our 5'2" model pictured above is wearing high-heeled shoes with bootcut Ariat "short" jeans, which have a 31" inseam. Find Ariat jeans at the manufacturer's site (Manufacturer's Site)

Petites' jeans (Compare Prices) usually have an inseam length of about 29" although the inseam length varies by style and manufacturer.

Short jeans have the same rise as regular jeans, but the inseam length is usually about two inches shorter than regular jeans. The inseam length of short jeans also varies depending on style and manufacturer. (Compare Prices on short jeans.)

Some petites will need jeans that are even shorter than petites' jeans. In that case, shop for jeans at one the retailers that offer extra-short petites' jeans.

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