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Dress to Flatter Your Short, Hourglass Shaped Figure


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Dresses That Flatter Your Hourglass Shaped Figure

Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress available from Shopbop

Image Courtesy of Shopbop
It can be difficult to find dresses that fit your short, hourglass shaped figure properly because most clothing designers and manufacturers size for triangle shaped figures. If you are buying a dress that will need to be altered for a good fit, make sure that it's big enough in both the bust and hip areas. If not, alterations will probably not be successful. Usually the seam allowances in commercially produced clothing are scant at best.

The only exception is bridal wear, but even with wedding gowns, be sure there are ample seam allowances if you're going to need alterations.

Best styles for an hourglass shape? Try dresses that follow your curvy lines without too much emphasis either on top or bottom. Your defined waistline is a great asset, so make sure dresses you choose will show off your waistline. Wrap dresses or fitted sheaths usually work well as long as they fit well.

If you can find a good dressmaker or tailor, it would be worth the extra investment. When you have clothing custom made for you, expect to get a great fit, and use the best fashion fabric you can afford. If custom clothing is too pricey, and you're having difficulty finding dresses to fit your shapely figure, you may need to wear separates. That way, you can select different sizes for tops and bottoms.

If you're wearing a long dress, steer clear of peasant styles that fall at the ankle. Opt for a more elegant look in a monochromatic column dress of soft, drapey fabric that falls to the floor.

In our example above, the Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress from Shopbop (Buy Direct) emphasizes a defined waistline, follows the body's natural curves, and has a flattering V-neckline.

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