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Dress to Flatter Your Inverted Triangle Shaped Figure


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Jackets That Flatter Your Inverted Triangle Shaped Figure
Peplum jacket

Peplum jacket from Shopbop

Image Courtesy of Shopbop
Finding a jacket to fit an inverted triangle shaped figure can sometimes be challenging because many jackets feature thick shoulder padding and extended shoulder lines, neither of which works very well for a short woman who has an inverted triangle shaped figure. Classicly styled single-breasted jackets, which are fitted or semi-fitted to give some waistline definition, can be a good choice as long as the jacket's style doesn't emphasize the shoulder line. Look for jackets that button to form a flattering V-neckline, rather than jewel-neck or mandarin collar jackets.

Jackets with princess seams give a nice vertical line that flatters short women, and peplum jackets work well because they balance the figure by enhancing the hip. Avoid bolero or cropped styles.

Women who have inverted triangle shaped figures have the only figure type that actually benefits from more hip emphasis, so jacket details that fall below the natural waistline, such as patch pockets, will help balance the figure.

In the example pictured above, the single-breasted, semi-fitted jacket from Shopbop (Buy Direct) features a shallow V-neckline, single-breasted styling, flattering three-quarter length sleeves, dark color, and peplum.

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