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How to Dress for the Office


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Keep the Emphasis on Work
How to Dress for the Office

Pair sleeveless tops with a jacket or sweater for work. Although this top is fine for outside of work, it's a bit too bare for the office.

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Rather than trying to make a fashion statement, keep the emphasis on the tasks at hand. You want to be known for your great work, not for your body. So no matter whether you’re working in a very casual or very formal office, go to work covered. Below-the-knee skirts, no visible cleavage, covered arms, stockings, and even covered toes are appropriate for ultra-conservative offices. A suit or a dress with a jacket is a good choice to wear in a formal office. If the atmosphere is more casual, skirts just above the knee are fine - if you’re under 40 and they look good on you. Short sleeves are OK in a casual work setting. For the casual office, you can skip the stockings and wear sandals in warm weather.
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