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Dress to Flatter Your Short, Triangle Shaped Figure


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A Triangle Shaped Figure Is Womanly
Dress to Flatter Your Short, Triangle Shaped Figure

Petite star Lucy Liu at a benefit for UNICEF in New York, March 19, 2008

Scott Wintrow/Getty Images
Do you have narrow shoulders and/or a small bust and larger hips and thighs? If so, then you have a triangle shaped figure type. Triangle figures can be any size; it's the shape that determines the triangle figure type. Not only is your triangle shape the most common figure type, but it's also a very womanly shape, so you're in good company if you have a triangle figure type.

Some petite celebrities who also have a triangle figure include:

  • Lucy Liu
  • Rachael Ray
  • Kelly Clarkson

Petite women who have triangle shaped figures have more of a challenge in dressing because they are short. So if you're a petite women who has a triangle figure, you'll want to combine flattering styles for your figure types and also dress to look longer and leaner. Here petite Lucy Liu flatters her triangle figure in this black cocktail dress by wearing:

  • black - a solid dark color.
  • a V-neckline.
  • cap sleeves, which make shoulders look wider.
  • high heels (although it would be better to lose the straps on the shoes).
  • soft fabric that drapes softly over her figure.
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