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5 Easy Pieces for Fall and Winter Dressing


Dressing for work in the morning is a snap with these 5 easy pieces.

1. Jacket

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Jackets are handy in so many ways. First, a jacket makes a great wear-to-work garment. A classic tailored jacket conveys an image of businesslike professionalism in the workplace. Second, a jacket is a great way to disguise tummy bulge. Third, a jacket adds warmth on cool fall and winter days. Fourth, a jacket is an easy mix-and-match piece that can be worn as part of a suit or separately with a skirt, pants, or jeans.

2. Top

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Anything from a shell to a tank to a blouse will work just fine under a jacket, but if you're planning on taking off the jacket at any time during the day, especially if you're at work, you might want to wear a top with sleeves. For petites a top with elbow-length sleeves that are well fitted -- neither too tight nor too loose -- is a good choice. Three-quarter length sleeves show off slim wrists and make it possible to showcase bracelets if you like. Full-length sleeves are also good. As for style, empire and wrap tops both flatter the petite woman.

3. Pencil Skirt

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Women with any one of the four major figure types -- triangle-shaped figure, inverted-triangle-shaped figure, rectangle-shaped figure, or hourglass-shaped figure -- will find that the pencil skirt flatters them as long as it's the right length and fits well. There are lot of different ways to wear a pencil skirt too, so it's a very versatile garment, making it a must-have as one of our 5 easy pieces.

4. Tights

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Perfect for fall and winter wear, tights definitely quality as a must-have. Dark tights are flattering, help short women look a bit taller, provide some needed warmth during cool weather, and can even double as shapewear. Short women can wear tights in one of the top colors to create a monochromatic look to achieve maximum fashion mileage.

5. Sleek High-Heel Pumps

For a polished shoe to wear to work, a classic high-heeled pump with sleek styling is a good choice. Of course, it's crucial to make sure that pumps fit well and are comfortable enough to wear to work all day. Petite women sometimes assume that the higher the heel, the better, so that they will look taller, but as long as the heel had just a little lift, it's helpful. Even a kitten-heel pump will do.
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