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Find out the best places to shop for petite fashions and fashion accessories and how to select quality garments. Take a virtual tour of world-class shopping destinations, both U.S. and international.
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Bootcut Jeans for Petites at Prices from Low to High
Bootcut jeans for petites at prices from under $20 to under $200

Sandals in Every Heel Height for Summer 2014
10 summer sandals with a heel height to suit every woman from 1 inch to 5 inches

Flattering 2014 Bridal Gown Style for Petite Brides
Flattering chiffon wedding gown with ruffle detail for petites for 2014

Top Petite Fashion Sites for Women in Their 20s
For short women in their 20s, here are top petite fashion sites.

10 Trendy Flat and Low-Heeled Sandals for Summer 2014

Top Petite Fashion Sites for Women in Their 50s
Top shopping sites for petite women in their 50s

Classic Petite Clothing from Carolina Alvo

Swimwear for Summer 2014 from Tommy Bahama
Tommy Bahama swimwear for summer 2014

Petite Lace Dresses for Fall 2013 and Winter 2013/2014
Fall 2013 and winter 2013/2014 lace dresses for petites

Leather Clothing for Petites - Fall 2013
Fall 2013 leather garments for petites

Petite Holiday Dresses for Winter 2013/2014
Holiday dresses for Petites - Winter 2013/2014

Petite Jeans for Fall 2013
Jeans for petite women for fall 2013 and winter 2013/2014

Best Times of the Year to Buy Clothing and Fashion Accessories
When to buy clothing

Petite Black Dresses for Winter 2013/2014
Little black dresses for petites - Winter 2013/2014

Petite Metallic Dresses for Winter 2013/2014
Metallic dresses for Winter 2013/2014 for petite women

Petite Tops for Fall 2013
Petite tops for fall 2013 and winter 2013/2014

Petite Sweaters for Winter 2013/2014
Stylish petite sweaters for winter 2013/2014

Plaid Fashion for Petites
Plaid fashion for short women

Trendy Handbags for Summer 2013
Fashionable handbags for Summer 2013

Swimwear for Summer 2013
2013 summer swimwear

Swimwear Cover-Ups for Summer 2013
Summer 2013 Swimwear Cover-Ups

Top Petite Shopping Sites for Women in Their 40s
Top places to shop online for petite women in their 40s

Petites' Suits for Spring/Summer 2013
Spring and summer petites' suits for 2013

Petite Sequin Tops
Sequin tops for petites

Petite Little Black Dresses for Fall/Winter 2012/2013
Fall/winter 2012/2013 little black dresses for the petite woman

Birthstone Earrings for Every Month
Birthstone earrings for each month of the year

Petite Fashion Shopping Sources
Petite fashion shopping sources

Fashion Gifts Under $20 from Crafts Suppliers
Crafts suppliers offer some cool fashion gifts that are inexpensive too.

December 2012's Splurge or Steal - Geometric Minaudiere
Splurge on or steal a geometric minaudiere in December 2012.

Petite Maxi Dresses
Here are eight summer maxi dresses for petites

Petite Sundresses for Summer 2012
Summer 2012 sundresses for petites

Bikinis for Summer 2012
In the swim with bikinis for Summer 2012

Petite Black Dresses for Spring 2012
Little black spring dresses for petites - 2012

Petite Special Occasion Dresses for Spring 2012
Spring 2012 special occasion dresses for petites

Petite Day Dresses for Spring 2012
For work or play, here are petite day dresses for spring 2012.

Petite Clothing Available Now from Top Fashion Designers
Petite clothing that you can find now from top American fashion designers Ralph Lauren, Max Azria, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, and Vera Wang.

Sweetheart Fashion for Spring/Summer 2012
Romantic, sweetheart fashion for spring/summer 2012

Petite Jackets for Winter 2011/2012
Wear them to work or wear them for play--a jacket always comes in handy for winter wear.

Petite Day Dresses for Winter 2011/2012
What to wear to work? How about a petite day dress? Here are styles of petite day dresses for winter 2011/2012.

Petite Bras
Women who have a petite bust often have difficulty finding petite bras that fit and flatter. Be sure to watch our petite fashion video - Tips on Fitting Bras for Petites - and then check our sources for petite bras to find your perfect match.

Special Occasion Dresses for Petites, Winter 2011/2012
Whether you're looking for a party dress or something special to wear to a wedding, check these top picks for petite special occasion dresses for winter 2011/2012.

Petite Black Dresses for Winter 2011/2012
Petite little black dresses for winter 2011\2012

Petite Activewear
Looking for work-out clothing in petite sizes? Yoga pants for short women? Here are five sources for petite activewear.

Fashion Gift Ideas for Short Women for the 2011 Holidays
Fashion gift ideas for short women for the 2011 holidays

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites for Petite Fashion
Many retailers don't offer much, if any, selection in petite fashion. Here's a resource for online shoppers looking for petite fashion - the top 10 online shopping sites where petites can find hundreds of garments sized for them.

2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Petites
2011 holiday gift guide for petites

Denim Brands Offering Petite Jeans
10 brands of jeans that offer petite jeans

Petite V-Neck Fashion

Compare prices on petite clothing with V-necklines.

Petite Tops
Compare prices on essential styles of petite tops

Petite Plus Clothing Sources
Just as petites face more limited offerings in petites clothing, so do petite plus women, who can't wear regular plus size clothing. Typically retailers offer fewer choices in petite plus - sometimes called woman petite or petite woman - than they do in regular plus sizes. Here's a list of online retailers that carry petite plus clothing in a range of prices and styles.

Which Departments to Shop
Which department to shop for short women

Plaid Fashion
Petites plaid fashion for fall 2009

Style - Petite Fashion Style
Style tips for petites, how to dress, style by fashion personality, celebrity style, and vintage style inspirations.

Stocking Stuffers
Find fashionable stocking stuffers this holiday season for under $10.

Top 5 Budget Sites for Petite Fashion
Shopping for fashion on a budget? Here are some options for lower priced petite clothing from online retailers that offer a significant number of garments sized for short women. Save even more by checking their frequent sales and clearance items.

Where to Buy Vintage Fashion Accessories
If you want to add fashion fun and unique style to your wardrobe, wearing vintage fashion accessories can do the trick. Here are eight places to buy vintage fashion accessories.

Holiday Gifts
Whether you're a petite making your own holiday wish list or you're searching for holiday gifts for the petite woman in your life, there's a trendy fashion gift in your future.

Extra Short Petites Pants
If you're a petite with a regular torso and short legs or if you're 5'0" or under, you may need extra short petites pants. They're not too easy to find, but here are some retailers that offer extra short pants for petites.

2009 Holiday Gift Guide
2009 Holiday Gift Guide for Petites

Petite Fashion Shopping in Other Departments
Petite fashion shopping in other departments.

Petite Sleepwear
Petite sleepwear - five sources for petite sleepwear

Holiday Fashion
Holiday fashion shopping for petites

Holiday Fashion for Petites, Winter 2011/2012
Holiday fashion for petites - Winter 2011/2012

Top Places to Shop for Petites Who Have a Romantic Fashion Personality
Top online retailers that offer petites' clothing for short women who have a romantic fashion personality

Top Places to Shop for Petites Who Have a Trendy Fashion Personality
Top online retailers that offer petites' clothing for short women who have a trendy fashion personality

Top Places to Shop for Petites Who Have a Casual Fashion Personality
Top online retailers that offer petites' clothing for short women who have a casual fashion personality

Top Petite Fashion Shopping Sites for Women in Their
Best online shopping sites for petite women in their 30s.

Minaudieres for Fall/Winter 2012/2013
Minaudieres--cute little hard-case clutches--for fall/winter 2012/2013

Flat Sandals for Summer 2012
Fashionable flat sandals for Summer 2012

Petite Maternity Clothes' Sources
Where to buy petite maternity clothes

Summer Sandals for 2013
Summer sandals for 2013

Trendy Fashion for Petites for Summer 2013
Trendy Fashion for Petites for Summer 2013

Petites' Shorts for Summer 2013
Shorts for petites - Summer 2013

Petite White Dresses for Summer 2013
White dresses for petites for Summer 2013

Gatsby-Era-Inspired Fashion for 2013
2013 Fashion Inspired by the styles of the 1920s

Petite Maxi Dresses for Summer 2013
Summer 2013 maxi dresses for petites

Striped Summer Dresses for Petites
Petites' striped dresses for summer 2013

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