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December 2012's Splurge or Steal - Geometric Minaudiere


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Geometric Minaudiere - Splurge or Steal for December 2012

Splurge or Steal for December 2012 - Geometric Minaudiere

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Geometric Minaudiere - Splurge or Steal for December 2012

What's the perfect little purse for the holiday season? It's a minaudiere. Hard-case minaudieres were popular in the late 1940s and early 1950s. (You'll see Jennifer Jones carry a minaudiere in the classic 1955 romance movie Love is a Many-Splendored Thing if you ever watch old classic movies.) Designers have revived this style, and it's been popular for the past few years. The good thing about a minaudiere is that it's not bulky, its small size being a nice feature for petite women. Typically, minaudieres are dressy, special-occasion accessories. The down side is that not too much will fit in a minaudiere, but, then again, it isn't intended for a day bag.

How to Carry a Minaudiere for Petites

  • Carry a minaudiere to a holiday party.
  • Choose a metallic minaudiere, which is a fashion neutral that will go with anything, for the greatest versaltility
  • Choose a minaudiere that also has a chain, so that you can wear the minaudiere as a shoulder bag if you like.
  • Carry a minaudiere to a wedding.
  • Don't try to stuff too many things into the minaudiere. A credit card, keys, and tissues will fit.
Which geometric minaudiere is the Splurge and which geometric minaudiere is the Steal?

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