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Petite Maternity Clothes' Sources

Where to Buy Petite Maternity Clothing


Although there's quite of bit of maternity clothing on the market today, there isn't much maternity clothing specially sized for petites with the exception of pants and jeans. Unless they're able to make their own clothes or have them custom-made, short women have two choices when it comes to choosing other items of clothing to wear during pregnancy: wear petite clothing that has a great deal of design ease or wear maternity clothing that is sized for a taller woman. Either can be a workable solution, but it's too bad that makers of maternity clothing don't extend petite sizing to clothes other than pants and jeans.

1. Gap

Image Courtesy of Gap
Gap has petite clothes and maternity clothes, but it doesn't have petite maternity clothes. What Gap does have though are maternity pants that come in different lengths, such as the full panel boot-cut pants pictured here, which come in ankle, regular, and long lengths. Many short women could wear the ankle length version, and it could be as long as specially sized petites' pants would be.

2. Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Maternity carries petite pants and petite jeans, some in sizes PXS - PXL, a wide range. Other maternity clothing from Motherhood Maternity -- dresses, tops, outerwear, sleepwear, and outerwear -- comes in regular sizes, but it's worth noting that tankini swimsuits are available, and this style frequently works better for women who have short torsos than one-piece swimsuits do.

3. A Pea in the Pod

A Pea in the Pod has petite maternity jeans and pants. Inseam length can vary by brand, so it's a good idea to check that length. For example, one style of the 7 For All Mankind jeans that are labeled as "petite" has a 32-inch inseam. That's too long for most short women. Only jeans and pants come in special sizes for petites, but there are plenty of other maternity garments available from A Pea in the Pod, including dresses, tops, outerwear, sleepwear, and swimwear, all in regular sizes.

4. Destination Maternity

Maternity jeans and pants are available in petites' sizes at Destination Maternity. Always check the inseam length to make sure it's short enough because, like those from other sources, the jeans and pants at Destination Maternity come from various manufacturers and the inseam lengths can vary. Destination Maternity has many other maternity garments in regular sizes, including dresses, tops, outerwear, sleepwear, and swimwear.

5. Asos

Asos has both maternity clothing and petites' clothing, but no maternity clothing sized especially for petites. Dresses at Asos tend to be on the short side, so the regular maternity dresses may very well be short enough for petites.

6. Beautiful You Maternity

Beautiful You Maternity has some pants sized especially for petites although most of the items in the petites' section are sized for women who wear extra-small clothing or mini-length dresses.

7. Old Navy

Old Navy is known for its low prices, so even though the maternity clothes at Old Navy are regular sizes, it might be worth taking a look. Old Navy also has some petite clothing.

8. Kohls

Kohls has just a few styles of maternity pants and jeans sized especially for petites. Kohls also carries other maternity garments, mainly dresses and tops, in regular sizes.
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