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Bright Color Trend for Summer 2008


If you're looking for a mood brightener for summer, this trend's for you. Spring has sprung with bright, bold colors everywhere, and the trend continues for summer. This color story is strong and clear, and you’ll find lots of bright hues in both clothing and accessories.

1. Bright Turquoise

Photo Courtesy of Zappos.com
Most women look lovely in turquoise, and it’s especially striking on women with red hair. A turquoise dress is a lot of brightness to wear, but if you’re confident, you can pull it off. What works better for most petites is to choose a bright turquoise top. Black, white, and brown are all neutrals that look good with turquoise. To make a more dramatic statement, accessorize with red or lime green.

Pictured: Turquoise shoes from Zappos.com (Vendor's Site)

2. Hot Pink

Photo Courtesy of Petite Sophisticate
Hot pink looks best on women who have cool undertones in their complexion. If you don’t, hot pink is not a good color for you, and you should stay away from it. For those who can wear it, a good combination is a hot pink jacket paired with a black dress or skirt. Accessorize with black also. You’ll see some dramatic hot pink and orange combinations this season. If you can wear hot pink well, you can’t wear orange well, so if you want to wear this trendy combo, select a hot pink and orange purse or shoes to wear with a neutral outfit.

Pictured: Hot pink jacket from Petite Sophisticate (Vendor's Site)

3. Orange

Photo Courtesy of Zappos.com
Orange looks best on women who have warm undertones in their complexion. If you don’t, orange is not a good color for you, and you should avoid it. If orange is a color that you can wear successfully, try brown, tan, or khaki as a neutral to go with it. If you want a showier look, pair orange with green, yellow, or violet. Avoid hot pink and orange garments and only wear those colors together in shoes or purses.

Pictured: Orange purse from Zappos.com (Vendor's Site)

4. Yellow

Photo Courtesy of Coldwater Creek
Yellow is a sunny color, very appropriate for spring and summer dressing. A clear primary yellow looks good on women who have dark hair and fair cool complexions. If you have a warmed toned complexion, try a golden yellow instead. Black is a snappy neutral to wear with yellow, and white and yellow is a good hot-weather combination. It’s probably best to stick with neutrals when you wear yellow, but if you must add another bright to your life, choose contrasting violet.

Pictured: Yellow dress from Coldwater Creek (Buy Direct)

5. Violet

Photo Courtesy of Coldwater Creek
Violet and purple brights will be around for the season although frequently these colors are more associated with fall and winter. There’s a violet or purple hue that will look good on most people. If you select a seasonless style in violet, you’ll be able to wear your garment on into fall and winter. Black is a great neutral to wear with violet or purple. Add yellow, green, or even orange in accessories if you’re feeling bold.

Pictured: Violet dress from Coldwater Creek (Buy Direct)

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