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2014 Spring Fashion Trends


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2014 Spring Fashion Trends - Shirts

Button-down shirts are trendy for spring 2014.

Left and right - Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images; center - Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
The button-down shirt is a trend for spring 2014. This menswear-inspired style has been considered a basic for years, but this spring's versions of the shirt range from basic to updated with some having wide sleeves and V-necklines and others remaining more in the mainstream tradition.

Pictured above: at left -- white shirt by Ralph Lauren for spring 2014; at right -- a blue shirt from Michael Kors.

Special note for petites: styling a shirt so that it forms a V-neckline is a good idea for petites because it can help make a short women look a wee bit taller. It's also a good idea to style the shirt so that it doesn't retain a boxy shape, either with a belt or by tucking it in.

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