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What styles petites wear best in clothing from dresses to accessories. Tops, trousers, jeans, sweaters, suits, activewear, swimwear, outerwear, lingerie, sleepwear, shapewear--all have special characteristics that petites can style to their best advantage. Help for petite brides and mom-to-be to overcome their own special design challenges.
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8 Ways to Wear a Wrap Dress
How to wear a wrap dress eight different ways

Choose Your Best Skirt Length
8 Common Skirt Lengths - Choose the best skirt length for you.

Top Styles of Footwear for Petites to Wear with Skinny Jeans
Best styles of shoes and boots for petites to wear with skinny jeans

10 Worst Shoe Styles for Short Women
10 worst shoe styles for petites

5 Ugliest Garments -- What Not to Wear
What not to wear - top 5 ugliest garments ever

10 Styles Short Women Should Avoid
10 styles that short women should avoid (but they'll look great on tall women).

Holiday Style for December 2012
December 2012 Holiday Style

10 Ways to Wear Mixed Prints
How to wear mixed prints -- 10 fashionable ways to mix prints

Bra Strap Solutions
Solutions for resolving the problem of slipping bra straps

Neckline Styles
Nine common neckline styles

10 Ways to Wear a Pencil Skirt
How to wear a pencil skirt 10 different ways

What to Wear -- 4 Questions to Ask Yourself
Four questions to ask yourself when deciding what to wear

10 Slimming Fashion Styles
Here are ten fashion styles that make women appear thinner and taller.

Should Petite Women Wear Pleated Garments?
Pleated garments are common in fashion design, but should a petite woman ever wear pleats?

10 Styles That Make Women Look Fat
Here are the worst ten fashion styles to wear if you want to look thinner and taller.

Petite Travel Clothing
Travel clothing for petites

10 Must-Have Garments for Short Women
Ten essential wardrobe pieces for petites

Should Petite Women Ever Wear White Shoes?
White shoes - are they a flattering style for the petite woman?

How to Add a Color Pop to a Monochromatic Look
There are several ways to pop a monochromatic ensemble with color.

Ted Gibson's Hair Styling Tips and Quips
What Not to Wear's expert hair stylist and makeover master Ted Gibson shares hairstyling tips for women.

Style Solution - Dressing in a Fashion Uniform
Could your solution to easy fashion style be adopting a "uniform"?

Should Petites Wear Pink?
Should a petite woman -- one who's under 5'4" -- wear pink?

Jacket Fit
Correct jacket fit

How to Wear a Pencil Skirt for Petites
Styling a pencil skirt for short women

Petite Jackets
All about petite jackets

Top Colors to Create a Monochromatic Look
Seven best colors to create a slimming monochromatic look

Petite V-Neck Fashion

Petites can look longer and leaner with a simple fashion trick--wearing clothing with a V-neck.

Jacket Tips
Jacket fashion tips for petites

Jeans Guide
Jeans guide for short women

Petite Tops
Five essential petite tops

Style Tip for the One-Shoulder Dress or Top
Style tip for the one-shoulder dress or top

Petite Swimwear
Petite swimwear

Petites Jeans
Compare prices on petite jeans.

Jeans Tips for Short Women
Short women face some special challenges when looking for jeans that fit and flatter them, both because of fitting issues and the availablility of fewer jeans in stores and online for petites. Here are some factors for short women to consider when selecting jeans.

Jackets for petites

Swimsuit Coverups
Stylish swimsuit coverups

Look Thinner
Learn how to look thinner and taller in clothing with vertical lines.

Jeans - Top Jeans Styles for Petites
Short women should select jeans styles that flatter their figures and make them look longer and leaner.

Wearing a Bikini - Feelings About Wearing a Bikini
Readers feelings about wearing a bikini

Petite Swimwear
Short torso petite swimwear

10 Styling Tips for Petites
Would you like to look better in your clothes? Try these simple styling tips for petites to help you appear longer and leaner. Its all about creating the illusions of more and less more height and less bulk. Next time youre dressing for your job or to go out on the town, work some magic and create your own illusions.

Look Taller with Monochromatic Dressing
Look longer and leaner with monochromatic dressing.

5 Ways to Wear a V-Neckline
Wearing a top or dress with a V-neckline is a great way for short women to look thinner and taller. Five short celebrities each style their V-necklines differently, and they all look fantastic.

Bikinis for Summer 2010
Bikinis for Summer 2010

5 Ways to Look Taller
Short women can look taller by using some easy fashion strategies.

Petite Sweaters
Some sweater styles will look better on petites than others. Find flattering petite sweaters in styles to love.

Sweater Fashion Tips for Petites
Here are some sweater fashion tips for petites.

Dress to Look 10 Pounds Thinner
Dressing to look 10 pounds thinner is easy if you know just a few fashion tricks. Here are eight easy ways to look 10 pounds thinner without dieting or exercise.

How to Develop a Signature Style
Learn how to develop your own unique signature style from About.com's Fashion Guide, Cynthia Nellis.

Simple Fashion Rules
Top 10 Simple Rules for getting the most out of fashion from About.com's Fashion Guide, Cynthia Nellis.

How to Dress for Your Busty Body Type
Top-heavy? Plus-size fashion guide Meieli Sawyer give tips on how to dress for busty women.

Look Thinner in Well-Fitting Clothing
Look thinner in well-fitting clothing.

Reese Witherspoon Fashion Tips
Reese Witherspoon fashion tips

What Not to Wear
What not to wear for petite women

Top Colors for Petites to Wear to Work
Top colors for petites to wear to work

Jeans - How Many Jeans Do You Own?
They're a fashion staple, and almost everyone wears them

Plaid Fashion Tips
Plaid fashion tips for petites

My Virtual Model
How about trying on several outfits in just a few minutes? With My Virtual Model you can do just that. You build your virtual model by selecting your height, weight, and other features, even hair color and style. Then you can try on clothes to see how the different styles would look on you. Even though the clothing is not petite, you'll get a good idea of styles that look great for your shape.

Investment Dressing
Find out whether or not investment dressing is right for you.

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