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Swimwear Trends for 2011


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Swimwear Trend #1 for 2011 - Denim

Denim bikini shown at the True Religion Swimwear 2011 Fashion Show in Miami Beach

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Swimwear trend #1 for 2011 is denim. At Mercedes-Benz Swimwear 2011 Fashion Week in Miami Beach, denim swimwear debuted on several runways. Not surprisingly True Religion took a page from its popular jeans' line with denim swimwear for 2011 in both one-piece and bikini styles, including some corseted and vested looks. Other designers will also feature denim in 2011 swimwear with boy shorts, studded denim, and halter tops.

This jeans-inspired trend plays to the woman who has a casual fashion personality, and the denim swimsuit works especially well for petite women in their 20s.

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