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Swimwear Trends for 2014


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Swimwear Trends for 2014 - Black and White

Swimsuit trends for 2014 include black and white styles.

Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Swimwear Trend #1 for 2014 -- Black and White

At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Show in Miami, swimwear designers show their newest creations for the following year. For 2014, look for the usual mix of bikini and one-piece styles, some with cut-outs, others more classicly styled. What does come through loud and clear is that 2014's swimwear is all about exuberant fun in the sun. Swimwear for 2014 looks playful and colorful, and with a few nods to the past, there are some vintage vibes too.

Several swimwear designers featured the classic, high-contrast, spring/summer, color combination of black and white. Although vintage in inspiration, black and white fashion has had real staying power, and there are several ways that swimsuit designers played with black and white.

Pictured above are three styles from Poko Pano, all with a mix of black and white -- at left, a bikini with a strapless top; in the center, a one-piece, halter-style swimsuit; at right, a strapless colorblocked swimsuit.

Should petites wear this trend?

Any of these styles should work just fine for a petite woman as long as she doesn't need a short-torso style when wearing a one-piece swimsuit. A style, such as the striped halter swimsuit shown in the middle would be especially flattering on a short woman because it features elongating vertical stripes.

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