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What Petite Means

Petite refers to stature, not size. Petite clothing is made for short women. Petite Misses' and Petite Women's clothing comes in a range of sizes, all designed to fit the woman who is 5'4" or under.

Definition of petites

Fashion Challenges of Short Women
The fashion frustrations that petite women face

7 Petite Fashion Myths
Petite fashion seems to be something of a mystery at times, even to women who wear petites clothing. Separate myth from reality and learn the misconceptions about petite fashion.

4 Figure Shapes of Short Women
There are four figure shapes of short women. Knowing your figure type and which clothing styles flatter your shape helps you select clothing that will accentuate your best features and minimize areas that you want to de-emphasize.

What Does Petite Mean?
Petite means short when it comes to women's clothing sizes.

What Are the Size Ranges for Petite Sizes?
Here are the size ranges for petite fashions in misses' petite and women's petite.

Are the Body Measurements the Same for Regular/Misses and Petites?
Body measurements for petite and regular clothing with the same size number may differ.

Are There Many Women Who should Be Wearing Petite Sizes?
Lots of women who wear regular sizes might fit better in petite sizes.

What Differences Are There Between Petite and Regular Clothing?
Petite and regular clothing differ in more ways than length alone.

What Does Back Waist Length Mean?
Most petite women have a short back waist length.

Could I Need a Petite Size for a Top But Not for Slacks or Vice Versa?
A woman could need a petite for a top and not for pants or vice versa.

Do Petites Have Fitting Problems With Accessories?
Short, petite women may also have small feet and hands. They may need very small and hard-to-find sizes in shoes, gloves, rings, and bracelets.

Petite Clothing is for the Woman 5'4" or Under
Petite clothing is for the woman who is 5'4" or under, regardless of size. To fit properly, petite clothing must not only be shorter, but it must also be proportioned differently than misses' apparel.

Petite Fashion Polls
Express your opinion, and vote in our petite fashion polls. Each poll addresses a different petite fashion question.

Short Women in the Workplace
Ways petites can stand out in a sea of taller people at work

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