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Petite Fashion: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How to Look 10 Pounds Thinner Instantly
Dress to look 10 pounds thinner.
Are You an Hourglass or Inverted Triangle? The...
There are four figure shapes of short women. Knowing your figure type and which clothing styles flatter your shape helps you select clothing that will accentuate your best features and minimize areas that you want to de-emphasize.
10 Styles That Make Women Look Fat
Here are the worst ten fashion styles to wear if you want to look thinner and taller.
10 Fashion Styling Tips for Petites
10 styling tips for petites - how petites can look longer and leaner.
10 Best Shopping Websites for Petites
Here are the top 10 picks of online shopping sites for petite fashion.
Small Shoes
Where to buy small shoes for petite feet - 10 online sources
The Best Jeans for Petite Women
Jeans tips for short women -- factors for petites to consider when purchasing jeans
What to Wear to Flatter Your Petite, Hourglass...
Petite women can use several techniques and styles in dressing to flatter a ahort, hourglass shaped figure.
What does petite mean?
Petite means short when it comes to women's clothing sizes.
Where to Find Extra Short Petite Pants
Shorter petites may need extra short pants. Here's where to shop for extra short petites pants.
10 Worst Shoe Styles for Short Women
10 worst shoe styles for petites
How to Wear a Pencil Skirt for Petites
Styling a pencil skirt for short women
6 Styling Tricks to Help You Look Taller
Short women can look taller by using some easy fashion strategies.
Under 5'4"? Avoid These Clothing Styles
What not to wear for petite women
The 5 Best Sites for Petite Fashion Shopping on...
Short women can find low priced clothing at the top 5 sites for petite fashion shopping on a budget.
The Must-Have Show Style for Short Women
Best shoe style for short women. Petite Fashion.
What's Your Fashion Personality Type?
Fashion Personality Types.
Best Shoe Styles for Petites
Here are the most flattering shoe styles for short women to wear.
Look Thinner in Well-Fitting Clothing
Look thinner in well-fitting clothing.
Classic Fashion Personality
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Characteristics
What differences are there between petite and...
Petite and regular clothes differ in more ways than length alone.
Jacket Fashion Tips for Petites
Jacket fashion tips for petites. Petite Fashion.
The Best Dresses for Petite Brides
Bridal gown guide for the petite bride
Dress to Flatter Your Rectangle Shaped Figure
Petite women can use several techniques and styles in dressing to flatter a short, rectangle shaped figure.
Top Fashion Designers Who Offer Petite Clothing
Only a few well known top designers offer any petite clothing. Here are five name designers with petite clothing lines.
Petite Clothing Sales
Find bargains on petite clothing by shopping petite clothing sales at major online retailers.
Types of clothing alterations often needed by...
Clothing alterations often needed by short women.
Fashion Neutrals
Neutral fashion colors are the building blocks of a petite woman's wardrobe.
Elements of Fashion Design
Four main elements of fashion design
Petite Sleepwear
Petite sleepwear sources
Petite Plus Clothing Sources
Here's a list of online shopping sources for petite plus clothing.
What to Wear to the Beach
Planning a day at the beach? Here's what to wear.
10 Garments Every Short Woman Should Own
Ten essential wardrobe pieces for petites
Look Taller with Monochromatic Dressing
Look longer and leaner with monochromatic dressing.
Top Places to Shop for Petites Who Have a...
Top online retailers that offer petites' clothing for short women who have a classic fashion personality
Dress to Flatter Your Short, Triangle Shaped...
Petite women can use several techniques and styles in dressing to flatter a short, triangle shaped figure.
10 Slimming Fashion Styles
Here are ten fashion styles that make women appear thinner and taller.
Handbags for Short Women
Handbags for short women. Petite Fashion.
Hot new fashion trends for fall 2014
Bold color is a fall fashion trend for 2014.
How to Wear a Hat
How to wear a hat for short women
Where to Get Clothing Alterations
Most of us petite women will need clothing alterations at some point, even if we're able to find garments that fit well some of the time.
Look Thinner
Although vertical lines in clothing may be created by stripes, vertical lines can also be created by seam lines in clothing that run up and down.
Dress to Flatter Your Inverted Triangle Shaped...
Petite women can use several techniques and styles in dressing to flatter a short, inverted triangle shaped figure.
Fashion Design Principles
Four fashion design principles
Splurge or Steal for May 2013 - Open Heart...
Open Heart Pendant Necklace - Splurge or Steal for May 2013
Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel
Gabrielle. Petite Fashion.
Swimwear Trends for 2014
There's always room for retro in the fashion mix, and the best vintage-inspired styles don't need to look like they did decades ago.
Jeans - Top Jeans Styles for Petites
Short women should select jeans styles that flatter their figures and make them look longer and leaner.
Fashion Challenges of Short Women
The fashion challenges of short women
Top Petite Fashion Sites for Women in Their 20s
For short women in their 20s, here are top petite fashion sites.
Top Accessories' Styles for Short Women
Top fashion accessories' styles for short women
Top Petite Shopping Sites for Women in Their 40s
Top places to shop online for petite women in their 40s
Here's how to wear a scarf for the petite woman
How to wear a scarf: way #3 is to wear the scarf like a tie.
Petite Swimwear
Stylish petite swimwear
Casual Fashion Personality
Profile of the casual fashion personality type
Wear to Work Mistakes
Six wear to work mistakes to avoid
Denim Brands Offering Petite Jeans
10 brands of jeans that offer petite jeans
How Not to Wear a Scarf for Petites
How Not to Wear a Scarf for Petites - Wrapped Around Neck and Tied at Front. Page 3.
Petite Maternity Clothes' Sources
Where to buy petite maternity clothes
Petite Dresses
Top 5 styles of petite dresses
Romantic Fashion Personality
Profile of the romantic fashion personality type
Shop for petite fashion by your age
Shop for petite fashion, based on your age--20s to 70s and older
10 Ways to Wear a Pencil Skirt
Wear a Leather Pencil Skirt. Petite Fashion.
Petites can find clothing from Macy's own...
Private label brands from Macy's offer hundreds of items of petites' clothing.
Are the body measurements the same for both...
Body measurements for petite and regular clothing with the same size number may differ.
Short Women Can Wear Ballet Flats
Short women don't always have to wear high heels in an attempt to look taller. They can wear ballet flats, too.
Petite Bras
Sources for petite bras online
How to Dress for the Business/Formal Workplace...
Best colors for women to wear when dressing for the business/formal workplace.
Sweater Fashion Tips for Petites
Here are some sweater fashion tips for petites.
Necklace Styles for Petites
Delicate necklaces flatter petite women.
Where to Buy Petite Clothing in the UK
Sources for petite clothing in the United Kingdom
Are you petite and in your 50s? Best places for...
Top shopping sites for petite women in their 50s
How to Hide a Tummy
Fashion tips for hiding a tummy. Petite Fashion.
5 Ways to Wear a V-Neckline
Look taller by wearing a garment with a V-neckline. Here are 5 ways petite celebrities style their V-necklines.
2014 Spring Fashion Trends
2014 Spring Fashion Trends - Black and White
Trapeze Dress - Definition of Trapeze Dress
trapeze dress definition. Petite Fashion.
Review of Orthaheel Sandals
Orthaheel sandals - a product review
Trendy Fashion Personality
Profile of the trendy fashion personality type
How to Dress in Western Fashion Style
Both rodeo queens and urban cowgirls need Western boots. Page 2.
Definition of petites. Petite Fashion.
7 Petite Fashion Myths
Seven petite fashion myths
Are you a petite woman in her 60s? Here's a...
Top 10 online shopping sites for petite women in their 60s
Michael Kors fall 2014 runway fashion show...
Michael Kors Fall 2014 Fashion Show Highlights - Below-Knee-Length Skirts
Ankle Boots
Ankle boots for short women. Petite Fashion.
10 Styles Short Women Should Avoid
10 styles that short women should avoid (but they'll look great on tall women).
Appropriate attire for 10 different occasions
What to wear for different occasions and environments
Are you a petite woman in her 70s? 5 top...
5 online fashion shopping sources for petite women in their 70s and older
Ways Petite Women Can Stand Out on the Job
Ways petites can stand out in a sea of taller people at work
5 Easy Pieces for Fall and Winter Dressing
Dressing in the morning is a snap with 5 easy pieces.
Avoid these online shopping offers
We're all looking for ways to save money, so when we see an online shopping promotion that looks like a bargain, we're tempted to buy. Here are 5 online shopping offers to avoid because, although you think you're saving money, you'll actually spend more money.
Most Memorable 2013 Red Carpet Fashion of...
Edgiest Red-Carpet Look - Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2013 Met Costume Institute Gala. Page 10.
Petite? Wear a dress and sleek shoes at any age...
Rock a petite dress and sleek shoes in your 60s.
Little Black Dresses
Here are some of this season little black dresses for petites.
Hot jewelry trends for fall 2014
Black jewelry is trendy for fall 2014.
Take this quiz to find out your fashion...
Find out about your fashion personality by taking a fashion personality quiz.
Top Styles of Earrings for Short Women
Some earring styles flatter short women more than others. Find out which styles work the best for petite women.
Tights for Petites
Tips about tights for petite women
Ted Gibson's Hair Styling Tips and Quips
What Not to Wear's expert hair stylist and makeover master Ted Gibson shares hairstyling tips for women.
Coldwater Creek Profile
Profile of fashion retailer Coldwater Creek
Petite Activewear
Petite activewear sources, like Athleta and Sweet Petites.
Which skirt length is best for you?
Micro-mini skirt length. Petite Fashion.
How to Dress for a Cocktail Party
Here's how petites can put together a great look for cocktail party dressing.
Rachael Ray's Fashion Style
Petite celebrity Rachael Ray's fashion style.
Petite Maxi Dresses for Summer 2013
Summer 2013 maxi dresses for petites
Petite Clothing Available Now from Top Fashion...
Petite clothing that you can find now from top American fashion designers Ralph Lauren, Max Azria, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, and Vera Wang.
Top Colors for Petites to Wear to Work
Top colors for petites to wear to work
Jeans Guide
Jeans guide for short women
10 Trendy Summer Sandals for the Beach
10 Trendy Flat and Low-Heeled Sandals for Summer 2014
Ralph Lauren fall 2014 runway fashion show...
Ralph Lauren Fall 2014 Fashion - Capes
Petite Styling Tips from Fashion Stylist Daniel...
Fashion stylist Daniel Musto offers styling tips for petite women.
Think pink - fashion accessories for July 2014
Fashion Trend of the Month for July 2014 - Pretty-in-Pink Accessories
Style Solution - Dressing in a Fashion Uniform
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Style Recommendations for Summer 2013 from...
Michael Kors recommends style trends for summer 2013
Petite Travel Clothing
Travel clothing for petites. Petite Fashion.
How to Wear a Trapeze Dress
Trapeze dresses are shapeless and present problems for short women who wear them, but there are some styling solutions that will help petites who want to wear trapeze dresses.
Fashion Style Tips for Long-Waisted Petites
How to style fashion for short women who are long-waisted
How to Dress for the Office
How to dress for the office successfully. Wear appropriate attire on the job.
What does back waist length mean?
Petite women tend to have a short back waist length.
Top Petite Fashionistas
Top petite fashionistas
Top Styles of Footwear for Petites to Wear with...
Best styles of shoes and boots for petites to wear with skinny jeans
Michael Kors Spring 2014 Runway Fashion
Michael Kors Spring 2014 Runway Fashion - Knee-Length Skirts. Page 5.
Tadashi Shoji - Highlights of the Fall 2014...
Tadashi Shoji Fall 2014 - Long, Black Gowns. Page 2.
Should short women ever wear white shoes?
White shoes - are they a flattering style for the petite woman?
Jewelry for Petites
Jewelry for short women
Jacket Fit
Correct jacket fit
Look for fashion bargains in thrift stores
Strategies for petites to find fashion bargains by shopping in thrift stores.
Review of Hollywood Fashion Tape
Product review of Hollywood Fashion Tape
Gatsby-Era-Inspired Fashion for 2013
2013 Fashion Inspired by the styles of the 1920s
Michael Kors Fall 2013 Collection Highlights
Michael Kors Fall 2013 Collection Highlights
Fashion Trends of the Month
Fashion trends of the month
Hot fall fashion trends for 2014 from BCBG
2014 Fall Fashion from BCBG - Color Blocking
Why the Little Black Dress Remains a Fashion...
There are many reasons that the little black dress remains a fashion classic.
Kim Kardashian's Hourglass Figure
Kim Kardashian's Hourglass Figure
A Pictorial History of Polka Dot Clothing
Princess Diana wears polka dot jacket in 1988. Page 9.
Red Dresses on the Red Carpet
Red Dresses on the Red Carpet. Petite Fashion.
Neutral Pumps
Neutral pumps in skin-tone colors for petite women
Hot trends for fall 2014 from Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Fall 2014 Fashion Show Highlights - Black
Solve the Problem of the Slipping Bra Strap
Solutions for resolving the problem of slipping bra straps
1920s' Fashion Style
1920s' Fashion Style - Knits and Sportswear. Page 11.
Stretch Bracelets for Petites
One of the top jewelry styles for the petite woman is the stretch bracelet.
Calvin Klein Runway Fashion for Spring 2014
Calvin Klein Runway Fashion for Spring 2014 -- 1920s-Inspired Fashion
How to Add a Color Pop to a Monochromatic Look
How to pop a monochromatic look with a colored scarf
Swimwear Trends for 2013
High-waisted briefs are a swimwear trend for 2013.
Petite Sweaters for Winter 2013/2014
Stylish petite sweaters for winter 2013/2014
Clothing Alterations to Avoid
Clothing can't always be successfully altered. Here are some clothing alterations to avoid.
Neckline Styles
Neckline Styles - Bateau Neckline. Page 5.
Look fabulous at any age
Five fabulous fashion looks for every age.
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