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Readers Respond: How I Feel About Wearing a Bikini

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From the article: Bikinis for Summer 2010
Do you feel comfortable wearing a bikini? Or do you dread the thought of wearing a bikini to the beach or at poolside? With airbrushed images of "perfect" bodies constantly displayed in magazines, do you feel that you have to look like a model to wear a bikini?

They make me look slutty

I'm 14 and I have a lot of curves. Bikinis just make me look really slutty because they reveal too much on me. I think bikinis do look good on people with less curves who can make it look not so provocative! But I prefer tankinis. They're cute and you can you the bathroom without being topless in a public restroom, unlike one-pieces! There are like three one-pieces that I love though. :) So my point is, it depends on your body type.
—Guest Dee

Bony hips?

I'm 12, soon to be 13, 5'1" and about 88 lbs. I have small boobs(A cup) and bony hips. Yeah, they stick out at the sides, but they're bony, so they also stick out a little in front, a fact which has always bugged me. So when I wear a bikini, they are revealed... But other than that, I think I look pretty good in a bikini!
—Guest Kate

Stomach pudge

I don't wear bikinis because of my stomach. Sure, my hips are a little flat, but it's the stomach that does me in. I wouldn't mind so much if it was flat, but it sticks out and looks ridiculous. I just don't have the esteem to wear a bikini.
—Guest Lola


So i have never worn a bikini in public. Im in 12th gradel, and i always make an excuse at pool parties...I really dont know what to do anymore. There are a few reasons why I dont wear bikinis...1)im hairy 2)bacne 3)i have a fat stomach ugh the list can go on and on...i am overanalyzing it but im not going to wear a bikini and i cant because i have a surgery mark there. I care too much and its horible. i cant take it anymore i hate being a teen.
—Guest Guest

I don't really know??

I don't know. I am 5' 6'' and weigh approximately 120 lb. I am a 30-32 A, and carry most of my weight in my hips and thighs, but have a flat stomach, and love my arms. My school is going to camp and I don't know if I should wear a bikini. My friends tell me I should, but I don't really know... I guess there are tons of people who look worse than me and still wear bikinis. So I'm gonna hold my head high, and who cares what people say, if they comment they are probably insecure... "I am beautiful in every single way, words won't bring me down".
—Guest Mimi

Forget other people! Gaaaah!

Ok, first of all, I don't think wearing a string bikini is a good idea. For anyone. What happens if you decide to move around or play in the ocean??? Wardrobe malfunction!!! Other kinds of bikinis I think are ok, as long as it doesn't look like you're trying to show everything off. That's just trashy and will get you the wrong kind of attention no matter what your shape or size! Buy a suit you feel comfortable in and chill out about it? Who cares what other people think? If they're shallow enough to care about how you look, you don't want them around you anyway! I am skinny, but I have big boobs. I still wear what I like! If people tease me, thats just indicates a problem with them, not me. :) hope I helped!
—Guest CaliLilly

Every one should be able to wear a bikin

I persanly think if you want to wear one wear one, if people laugh let them laugh it doesnt make em any better of a person

to scared

im 12, 5ft 5, and im 130 lbs! my stumach isnt that bad but my hips are ginormous! and i also have super flabby arms, and i have to were one nxt week! my friends say im skinny, but they are lying, but im gonna man up and were one cuz no one has a right to make fun of you in a public place!
—Guest abby

Im too fat for a bikini

I haven't worn a bikini in years then last summer I finally bought one. It was really cute... But this year I have stretch marks I weight 228 pounds and I am about 6 ft... I'm not extremely fat though I look skinny for my weight.. Am I too fat?
—Guest Sabrina

I don't know??

okay I'm 13 and I weigh like 135-150 pounds but don't look fat should i wear a bikini nobody says I'm fat but. I think I am should I wear one???
—Guest kearstyn

Abdominal muscles

14 years, 5'5 and 115lbs ... I'm going on a school trip to holland there will be guys going and all my friends are buying bikinis for the waterpark we'll visit:)... But I've got a six pack and scared incase I get teased. I get prodded and poked while changing after pe. The thing is: I am very very sporty and I didn't work for it. It just came!!! I don't know wether to just wear a bikini or a swimming costume- either way you can kinda see it :S... Also, what will the guys think?? Arrgh... Help!! :)
—Guest Fittie NOT


I am 106 13 and I lost a whole bunch of weight now I have all this skin when I walk it like giggles but I am really skinny but I feel fat:( help
—Guest Ashley

im so fat and scared

im fat as a pig, my friends say im skinny but i am, 13 5` 4" and weigh 169. And my bra size is A 48. I also have the bigest butt and the fatest fase but i still wear one because i like it no one looks at me exept one girl.so wear one .
—Guest shanal


I'm pretty skinny,5'1" and 100lbs, but I absolutely hate bikinis! they're so revealing..its gross to wear! I wouldn't walk around in my lingerie, so I won't walk around in a bikini. I feel left out when I'm the only one with shorts and a tank, but its fine, I like my conservative self. :)
—Guest strangerdanger;)

Im insecure:/

Okay i have two problems: 1)my parents wont even let me wear a bikini &2) i have been considering sneeking it in my camp backpack because i want to feel more confident&get a good tan &i am 13 &i am 136 lbs &i have been exercising every day
—Guest Melissa

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