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Readers Respond: How I Feel About Wearing a Bikini

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From the article: Bikinis for Summer 2010
Do you feel comfortable wearing a bikini? Or do you dread the thought of wearing a bikini to the beach or at poolside? With airbrushed images of "perfect" bodies constantly displayed in magazines, do you feel that you have to look like a model to wear a bikini? Share Your Feelings

I feel very good

It is probably part of my culture wearing a bikini and I usually feel ok in it. As a mum of two and owner of Brazilian bikini online shop I have to be a model of my own product sometimes, as you can check on me website http://bit.ly/1eLsNgi Doing the pictures for my website in bikinis after the birth of my second child was the ice breaker for me to start going to the Gym again and feeling good to myself. Feeling good to myself and getting my confidence back was my first goal. Karina
—Guest Karina

Stomach Fat

I actually really like my body. I'm 13, about 5'6, and maybe 118 pounds. I'm always pretty tan, but my stomach is the major problem. I swear in that I'm the only one out of my friends that has a fat stomach. I always feel self conscious, but I still wear bikinis. I always just try to suck in my stomach when I'm around people. Also, an workouts don't work for me. I have stomach muscles, but it doesn't show. Chubby tummy :-(
—Guest Bobby

im way to overweight

i am a 11 year old and i weigh 137 pounds at 5 feet tall i would love to weare a bikini but im to fat to even try and the worst part is all of my freinds are super super skinny
—Guest hannah

I need help!

I'm 4'10, (yeah I know really short.) and I'm 14, and weigh 137 pounds. My thighs are HUGE, my stomach like it's flat until like under my belly button and then it gets chubby. I look skinny from the side until you get to the chubby part towards the bottom. Most of my weight is from my boobs and butt. Size 38C and my butt is like 2 giant bubbles. Hugeness. But I'm so insecure to wear a bikini, my boyfriend has seen me in one from a picture I sent him but I'm too scared to wear it infront of everyone else in like public and stuff. He tells me I'm beautiful just the way I am but he doesn't get that I won't ever believe that. And what makes it worse is he is all toned, he has a 12 pack of abs and really good biceps an triceps and I'm like "ew. I'm fat." So I just need advice because I wanna wear my bikini so bad but I won't. It's really cute too.
—Guest CaliforniaGirl

Unsure and Insecure

Hi. I'm twelve, turning thirteen. All of my friends wear bikinis, but I don't. It's not that I think I'm fat; my fiends are just bone thin and laugh and snort when they see someone who's not thin like them. I don't wear tight clothes so they don't laugh at me. I'm tired of hiding myself. But I have a disgusting, huge birthmark on my stomach. It's brown and has mini black birthmarks within it. What should I do?
—Guest Jen

Can't lose the fat

I'm almost 14 and I'm 5'3 I weigh 124 and I hate my body. I went tubing with my friends the day and two of the guy I know came and I felt so fat cause everyone was so skinny and I was chubby, but what scares me the most is that they will tell people what I look like in a bikkini. I have a chunk of fat on my bottom stomach area and huge love handles and big thighs (my top inner thighs) I been working out and eating good but I still look bad I been doing thing my cousin does and she already lost 5 pounds and I didn't lose any and I can't handle this anymore. I want to invite my close. Guy friend that I like over but I'm scared he won't like me if I'm not his defentiton of skinny or perfect. And I'm sick of peoe saying if he thinks I'm fat then he's not worth it
—Guest Emily


im 14 5"9 idk my weight and i have a bikini top i wear with shorts and a tanktop over it and my sisters and mom all say i look good without the tanktop but i fell fat and my belly is white compard to my arms and legs and i dont like my hips what do i do wear the tanktop or not? help!
—Guest directioner

I wanna wear a bikini

I'm 12 5"4 and weigh 148 lb most of the pounds is muscle my mom will not let me get a bikini. My sister is not thin either but she wears bikinis I want one but don't know how to ask for one!
—Guest Want one


I am 13 about 5 feet pretty small for my age. And 79 pounds. I just recently started wearing a bikini and I'm going to a family party where they have a pool. I'm not worried about looking fat I just feel awkward around my family like my dad and older brother. I dot know if I should wear one tomorrow or not. Tbh I don't think anyone cares it's just me but yeah
—Guest Katie


Im 13 almost 14 115-20 lbs and 5'8 and im going to texas so i need to bring a swimsuit, My breasts are a d cup so I feel embarrassed that there big, I wear baggy clothes all year round (Canada) so Im worried that people might think I had some boob job or something if I wear a bikini... or that its alright to stare at peoples boobs... but I might suck it up and wear it or claim i lost it and wear a tankini..
—Guest Isabella

Too skinny

Im 14 years old and 98 lb 5'6 I have A cup boobs and you can see my ribs through my chest which really annoys me when I wear a bikini. Also i have a very small butt. I feel like a flat peice of wood:( I wish I had at least a little more fat so i dont look as boney.
—Guest Momo


From the age of 11 until I was 15, cutting was a regular habit of mine. I was smart, though, and did it in a place I though no one would notice: my legs, and inner thighs. Soon to be 18, it's the summer of my graduation, and I have been invited to many pool parties in celebration of that. The only issue is, I'm the only woman at these parties who wears swim trunks and a bathing suit while there. The other girls look at me like I'm a freak, and I'd wear a bikini if I didn't think their looks would get worse. I don't want sympathy, empathy, or disgust at my past; I am sharing this because, even at 5'9" and 125lbs, I won't show off my body. People have called me stunning, yet I feel like a monstrosity. I may get over this one day but, for now, my skin is staying covered. I hope all of you come to a resolution at some point. :)
—Guest MH Kat

To Wear a Bikini or Not To Wear a Bikini

i am almost 16 years old. I am 5'6" and weigh 145-150 pounds. I have a really nice back, arms and shoulders. My thighs are a little bigger but not huge. I have really strong looking calves because of running. My big problem is my stomach. Its not really huge, but it is enough to make me uncomfortable when i wear a bikini. I am very insecure about my body. I feel like when i go to the beach in a one piece or tankini I see a ton of girls that have a body like me or bigger but i still am insecure about it. But i feel like when i don't wear a bikini its just as embarrassing or more not wearing on than wearing one.
—Guest Anonymous

Won't Go To Pool Parties

I am in 8th grade, am 5'7"-5'8" and weigh 135-140 lbs. I am 14 years old and 34b. I have a ton of graduation parties coming up that are all pool parties. After week of scanning the internet and not finding anything that I thought would be flattering I just decided not to go period. I feel fine from the side if I suck in a little but from the front my hips are wide and fatty. So if I wear the normal low rise bathing suit it makes two lumps of fat and looks awful. Like others all of my friends are super skinny and don't try to be at all. Yet I have been trying for the past month to diet some yet have lost no weight. I feel stupid and fat wearing them so I am just not going to go.
—Guest Jean

Pool Party

So I'm in 8th grade and I'm graduating in 4 weeks and my friends are having graduation parties, and I got invited to a pool party, and my crush is going to be there too, and I'm going, but I'm very self conscious about my body, and I don't know if I'll look good in a bikini. I'm 13, turning 14 in October, I'm 5 foot 2, and I'm 133 pounds. I have really big thighs and my arms are chunky and my stomach is anything but flat. I always feel like this, but I really want to impress him but I don't think my body is good enough.
—Guest person

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How I Feel About Wearing a Bikini

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